About Steph

 By day I’m an environmental chemist, analyzing water quality for the State of CT, but in my spare time I am a mixed media artist, casting cement and resin home decor items that I then decorate using various techniques.

On cement cast items, I may use mica powders, epoxy resin, glitter and bling in conjunction with intricate dotted mandala patterns and techniques. The designs are sealed with a top coat of resin that renders the item ready for light use. Items are not meant to be microwaved or put through the dishwasher.

I will also use the same epoxy resin to create window hangings, keychains and bookmarks. Pressed flowers, glitters, mica powders and other found items are used. I spend much time in the summer kayaking and scouring the shores for rocks, shells and other items to add to my resin work. One of my favorite things to make are my shell dioramas. I take larger clam shells, paint a mandala on one side, then pour resin with shells, rocks and resin mini-sea creatures to create an ocean scene, though kids love the keychains for their backpacks.

I have been creating artwork and craft in various mediums throughout my life. I have worked throwing pottery, making jewelry, in a candle factory, among other mediums. I feel as though my previous experiences have created a unique amalgamation of skill and knowledge that makes my art truly unique. For instance, in college I took botany class that taught me how to press flowers and now I apply that knowledge to my resin work.

I continue to utilize my past skills and work to discover new ones…constantly changing up my art. This ensures that there is truly something for everyone! Hope you enjoy my work!